The Instagram Hype


We’ve all been on the Instagram hype since as long as we can remember (does anyone recall the days where we didn’t spend hours scrolling mindlessly with our thumbs?) It’s the place we all head to when ads come on tv, or we’re sat on the bus or train, or we’re trying to avoid conversation with any other humans. ALL eyes are on instagram, whether we want to admit it or not.

We LOVE to have a little look at some of the fabulous fashion icons on there, and get some tips and tricks on how to style ourselves. And who doesn’t love to see all the new beauty launches and wellness hypes everyone’s talking about? Instagram can be a place to escape and a place to motivate. 

As long as it isn’t used as a platform for cruel comments or negativity, instagram can truly create good changes in the world, help small businesses grow, and connect with like-minded people. So make sure you use it for all the RIGHT reasons, and help banish the people using it for all the WRONG ones. 

Arran Bordi