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Our healthcare solutions make a difference for those who care!


Healthcare Providers are Turning to Technology to Meet their Every Day Challenges...

The Challenges

  • Administrative and clinical staff strive to deliver high-quality, cost-efficient care.  At the same time they juggle demands on their time and attention from government regulators, health insurers, colleagues and patients.

  • Hospitals are under unprecedented market pressures to improve the quality of care and customer experience, while learning to do more with less as budgets and payments are cut.

  • The way information is created, stored and shared within the healthcare industry today limits the ability of doctors, nurses, clinicians and administrators to share information and work collaboratively.  Healthcare professionals are bogged down with paper-based processes, redundant manual data entry and isolated information systems that do not communicate.

The Technology

Through Microsoft's Collaborative Health Solutions, IMPACT Management provides healthcare professionals with tools and applications that streamline the way they enter, access and share data, resulting in improved health care at reduced costs. 

We help our healthcare customers with Community, Employee and Provider Portals that provide the foundation for streamlined and efficient information sharing, clinical and administrative forms automation and clinical dashboards that place decision support only a click away.  IMPACT Management healthcare solutions focus on providing healthcare industry workers with the information they need to guide their actions, ensure that information be available when it is needed and that collaboration for decision making is seamless and intuitive. 

Our Patient Safety Portal (PSP) delivers a repeatable process based solution for capturing, managing and analyzing the results of patient safety programs in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Today the PSP addresses some of the most challenging Patient Safety areas while ensuring accuracy and consistency.  These areas include: Patient Identification JCAHO NPSG 2E, DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS - JCAHO NPSG 2B and Hand-Off Communications - JCAHO NPSG 2E.

Provider Portal and Employee Portal solutions, built using Microsoft SharePoint, create a cost effective platform for delivery of clinical and non-clinical applications.  Community Portals using SharePoint can now integrate with Microsoft HealthVault creating a closer tie between patient and provider.

Contact Us to learn more about how SharePoint solutions can help you achieve success with healthy patients and a healthy bottom line.

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