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Sometimes all you need is a SharePoint expert!


SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SPDS)

Through Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SPDS), your company can receive a complimentary SharePoint deployment roadmap customized for your specific environment and needs.  SPDS, a software assurance benefit, offers a 1,3,5,10, or 15 day deployment service, based on your individual software assurance benefit level.

IMPACT Management has been recognized by Microsoft as a SharePoint subject matter expert and as such IMPACT Management has been certified to offer SPDS to our customers.  We are one of the elite few Microsoft partners nationwide who can offer SharePoint Deployment Planning Services.   

This service is offered through your Software Assurance -- you've already bought 1 to 15 days of SPDS (depending on your software assurance benefit level).  Contact us today to find out how to get your days.  Let's get started!

Microsoft Advisor Program

As part of IMPACT Management customer service, we offer our clients the Microsoft Advisor program.  This complimentary service helps clients to identify and understand the way their licensing programs work.  Our licensing experts are here to help you maximize your software assurance benefit and are trained to handle server and per person licensing issues. 

We’d be happy to help you maximize yours.

SharePoint Workforce Engagements

We know that sometimes our clients need access to SharePoint experts - sometimes for a day, sometimes longer.  Whether you're looking for a skilled SharePoint engineer or developer, we know that you need them fast and you need them to be reliable.

We have the talent that you need when these times come along.  Contact us when you seek individual or team SharePoint resources to work on your SharePoint initiatives.

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