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Great offers to get your SharePoint project rolling!


Check out these great offers from us and our partners.  We're confident that they will help you in your SharePoint efforts.

Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services

Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services, or SDPS, helps companies get up to 15 days of SharePoint consulting with no out of pocket expense - it is a Software Assurance benefit for customers.  
Working with IMPACT Management, one of the few Microsoft partners certified to offer SDPS, you can develop a customized SharePoint deployment plan for your specific environment.  IMAGINE knowing the "if, where and how" to deploy SharePoint without incurring out of pocket expenses.
SDPS can be utilized by companies that:
  • Use SharePoint
  • Are considering using SharePoint
  • Want to learn more about SharePoint
Deployment planning is one of the best ways to ensure deployment success and user adoption!!
Contact Us to learn more about how your organization can take advantage of your SDPS benefit.  

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