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Pat Esposito
CEO & Chief SharePoint Evangelist
Kenneth Toole
President & COO
Theresa Cuttitta
Director, Marketing
Gail Gossert


Pat Esposito
CEO & Chief SharePoint Evangelist
Pat Esposito began his career in the 1980s as an electrical engineer for Olivetti Corporation, where he gained recognition in early micro-computer technology. His career advanced into software development, with a concentration on micro-technology and communications. Pat was a founding member of the Cheyenne Software and Multex organizations. Pat’s 20 years of experience in engineering and developing technology solutions, contributed to Cheyenne and Multex’ success and gave Pat the desire to start his next venture. In 1998, Pat founded IMPACT Management. Initially, IMPACT Management brought management and technology service consulting to a variety of enterprise clients including ADP, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Prudential, and New York Telephone (Verizon). Pat’s hands on approach to the marketplace and his razor sharp insight into solution development, compelled him to embrace Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server technology in 2001. Under Pat’s leadership, IMPACT Management attained the elite Microsoft Gold Certifed Partnership in 2003. Pat’s extensive SharePoint experience and knowledge earned him the coveted opportunity to be a Demonstration Showcase Presenter at the 2006 Microsoft World Partner Conference. Pat is a member of several industry committees including the SetFocus Advisory Board and Long Island Software and Technology Network (LISTnet) Microsoft Technologies in Government committee. Pat is a frequent contributor to TechIQ magazine. Pat has a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Marketing from the New York Institute of Technology.
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